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Stressmaster provides companies or organizations with proven effective Stressmastery Workshops, Seminars and Motivational Speeches for your employees. Our team of highly trained professionals will design and deliver engaging and highly motivational programs to your employees or staff. Our goal is to help each person learn important tools and techniques for mastering stress and becoming more Stress Resilient.

Our programs are based upon “evidence based” techniques from our research and experiences in stress theory, psychology, physiology, medicine, health and wellness. Our programs can be tailored to your specific programming needs and requirements. Workshops enable for program participants to gain in knowledge of stress theory, new stress resiliency behaviors and improved ways to mentally handl daily hassles and stressors. Our trainers help participants to begin to master stress at work, home and play. Workshops can be highly focused on stress or expanded to include other training needs such as time management, communication skills, manager skill development, goals setting and more. In addition, length of workshops can be from one to multi-day programs and can include all types of employees or one targeted group such as line staff, mid-level managers or senior executives. Following is an example of participant objectives for a typical stress management workshop. At the conclusion of our workshops, participants will know and understand…

Following is an example of participant objectives for a typical stress management workshop. At the conclusion of our workshops, participants will know and understand…
  • The 3 key principles of stress theory
  • The 7 stress warning signs.
  • The Stress Response and what you should know about it
  • The 2 major types of stressors: Hassles and Major Life Events
  • How stressors can trigger the stress response.
  • What stressors can or cannot be changed and what to do about it
  • The 4 proven successful strategies for mastering stress and when to use them
  • The 3 personality characteristics of psychologically hardy people
  • 21 highly successful approaches to Stressmastery and stress reduction
  • How to optimize stress to improve performance in all areas of your life
  • Learn what to do with extremely stressful situations
  • How to reduce high levels of stress
  • How to make stress work for you and the meaning of “optimal stress”
  • How to stop your stress in its tracks and take control of your life
  • The art of stress reduction using proven stress calming techniques.
  • The role of how we use food, alcohol and drugs and stress
  • How to move from victim to survivor and ultimately, thriver!

Our seminars are short-term, high impact presentations to small or large groups. Stressmaster seminars are designed to be engaging, informative and motivational. If you need a seminar for one hour to 4 hours, we can create a dynamic presentation your group will find educational and enjoyable.



With over 30 years of experience in the field of stress and stress management and after thousands of presentations, Dr. James Petersen or one of our Stressmaster Associates is ready to help you with a Keynote Address for your group on many different subjects related to stress, Stressmastery and How to Becoming Psychologically Hardy. Let’s us know what you need and we’ll prepare a great and enjoyable presentation.


Stressmaster has been providing stress assessments, organizational development and corporate consulting for over 30 years. We have the depth of experience and knowledge to help your company become stress resilient. Excessive stress can result in lost work days, low productivity, increased in work errors, increase in health related issues that result in more days absent and increase in health care costs. Stress can cause employees be less “present” on the job; i.e., the employee sits at his or her desk but is not really there! High stress in one employee can spill over to others in the department of division. Managers on edge can turn their stress into anger toward his or her staff resulting in low morale and productivity. Contact Us if stress levels are high and if stress is causing your company to experience some or all of these issues. We can sit down with you and create a plan of action to reduce stress and increase productivity.
Assessment or Evaluation

Sometimes a good assessment or evaluation of the attitudes and feelings of the company are needed. With hundreds of assessments and program/organizational assessments under our belt, we can determine how stress is affecting your company and what you can do reduce stress yet maintain or even improve productivity.

If you need more information about the source of stress, how employees are dealing with stress, and in identifying "hot stress areas" consider a tailored assessment or evaluation program. Through the use of organizational and corporate assessments, group and individual interviews and careful observation, specific stress areas are identified with specific recommendations for improving stress and optimizing productivity. The goal is to "optimize" stress to improve productivity and maintain employee satisfaction with their job and world of work.

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