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If you have a passion to help people master stress both at work and home and if you desire to add additional consulting and training income to your professional practice, consider joining us in our mission to build a less stress world. Download our Brochure!


  • Independent Stressmaster Associate or Affiliate License Certificate
  • The Comprehensive Facilitators Training Manual - (143pp)
  • Access Codes & Link to Take the Online SMQ
  • Model Word Doc with SMQ Instructions on how a client/trainee can take the SMQ
  • Marketing, Business Development & PR Guidelines - How to Succeed!
  • Referrals for training and coaching
  • Referral "Finder's Fee" for new Stressmaster Associates
  • Ongoing Support on Program Design and Implementation.
  • The Stressmaster Method for Stress Resilience


  • Short Training Video: Mindfulness called “Being in the Now!”
  • Short Training Video: 3 minutes of “Breathing”
  • PowerPoint: “How to Master Stress” (Modify, change pics or adapt to your culture)
  • PowerPoint: “About Stressmaster” (Useful for communicating your programs to companies and organizations)
  • PowerPoints - We provide ongoing support for your own PPTs and other design needs. Just contact us for assistance.

INCREASED REVENUES - Increase revenues through the use of our stress mastery materials and assessments in your own program or through the resale to HR, internal trainers and other stress management and coaching professionals.

ENHANCE YOUR PROGRAM - Expand and enhance existing stress management program or, if you don’t have one, in the creation of a new and highly effective Mastering Stress Programs that tailored to your needs.

REDUCE STRESS - With our tools and approaches to stress mastery, you can help reduce stress and build stress resilience in your city, town, state, province, or country! In effect, you will be helping us to reach our goal to reducing stress and building stress resilience around the world!

ADVANCE CREDIBILITY - As Stressmastery International is the “gold standard” for stress mastery programs, we help you shine as the leader in stress risk assessments, training and stress management programs in your area.

IMPROVE PROGRAM EFFECTIVENESS - Use our proven effective stress mastery and stress resilience training techniques to move your programs and coaching to a higher level.

GAIN FROM OUR EXPERIENCE - We' re here for you! Got a new program, idea for a seminar or want to expand your stress coaching program... just ask. Associates can tap into our 30 years of experience in stress management program design and development to assist you in the implementation of a state-of-the-art stress mastery program in virtually any environment.

  With Associates in over 15 countries...you'll be in good company!  


Become an Independent Stressmaster Associate Today!



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