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            About Stressmaster International


"Don't Just Manage Stress. Learn to Master IT!”sm


Over the past 30 years, Stressmaster International has become the leader in helping to reduce workplace stress through evidence-based stress risk assessments, corporate stress mastery training and by coaching individuals in the art of stress mastery. Through our highly trained team of over 75 Stressmaster Associates, we have been able to reduce stress and build stress resilience around globle from the USA, Canada, UK, and Mexico to Norway, Slovenia, South Africa, India,Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Poland, Romania and Hungary. Over 600,000 people in 15 countries have benefited from completing our stress "risk" assessments and participating in workplace stress mastery training and coaching programs.

Our Mission. . . Is to provide the best evidenced-based stress mastery programs to assist individuals under stress find new and more effective ways to reduce the physical and emotional effects of stress and learn how to become more stress resilient and psychologically hardy. We call this MASTERING STRESS!

Our Belief. . . Is that when just one person learns how to master their anxiety, fears and internal stress, the result will be an enhanced quality of one’s life. . . not only for the individual, but also for the family, co-workers and friends. In effect, a less stress person will benefit all within that person's sphere of friends and family.

Our Goal. . . Is to help reduce worldwide stress by providing trainers, coaches, counselors and mental health professionals with our state-of-the-art, proven effective tools and techniques so that they can foster stress resiliency and mastery whether in the corporate world or a health and wellness clinic. Through our own team of Stressmaster Associates and Affiliates, we enable people everywhere to transform themselve through the art of mastering stress…at work, home and play.

James C. Petersen, Ph.D.
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In 1982, Dr. James Petersen, psychologist, author and Director of the Biofeedback and Stress Management Clinic in Tucson, Arizona, founded Stressmaster International. Dr. Petersen created Stressmaster International around a new concept in the field of stress management called Stressmastery. Since then, Dr. Petersen and his team of Associates have conducted programs to reduce workplace stress or to help individuals master stress through stress mastery coaching in hundreds of companies, organizations and clinics around the world. The focus of the Stressmastery Program is to provide the tools to help people under stress learn how to reduce and master chronic stress both on and off the job.. The result the Stress Mastery Program is improved health, better work quality, greater creativity, improved interpersonal relationships and an enhanced quality of life. To accomplish this goal, Stressmaster International provides evidence-based training and development materials and programs for companies and organizations but, also, for mental health, health and wellness coaches and counselors.



While Stressmaster International provides training, assessments, and consulting to companies and orgranizations, our mission is to emplower like-minded professional trainers, psychologists, wellness profressionals and health coaches to integrate our Stress Mastery Program and materials with their corporate or individual clients. Any mental heatlh, wellness and corporate stress management professional can become an Assocaite and use our materials and programs; we do, however, require that they become Licensed either as an Associate or Affiliate. Licensed Associates purchase and use our Stress Mastery tools in their training, coaching, counseling and consulting work at a discount level. They may also resell out assessment and training materials to other trainers or coaches.

Stressmaster International is expanding and looking for professionals with a passion for helping others under stress. Learn More About How to Become an Associate or Affiliate or send us an email....


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