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Stressmaster International provides stress management trainers/coaches, wellness/health coaches, corporate trainers, psychologists and counselors with evidence-bases tools, techniques and materials to improve or expand their own programs or to design and create a totally new and highly effective stress mastery program. With over 30 years experience delivering quality stress mastery programs, our materials are evidence-based and tested in real-world business and corporate training and coaching settings.

The following materials are available to training or coaching professionals to tap into our experience designing and delivering high quality stress mastery and stress resilience programs for large multi-national corporations, small to mid-sized companies, Federal and State Agencies, and non-profit orgranizations worldwide. Additional Resources are available to Licensed Associate and Affiliates. These are listed below.


The Stress Mastery Program starts with each client or trainee completing the SMQ online. All stress mastery and stress management programs begin with the SMQ, either online or via the print version. The online administration of the SMQ requires that each person use a unique Access Codes. Access Codes to gain access along with a HyperLink to take the SMQ are provided upon purchasing the desired number of SMQ Access Codes. Upon completing the SMQ, each person receives his or her Stress Mastery Profile, Stress Mastery Report and the Stress Mastery Guide and Workbook (66pp).

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The Stress Mastery Facilitators Manual (PDF) provides a road map for how to use and integrate the SMQ into a coaching or training setting; it provides the foundation for how to design and implement a Stress Mastery Workshop, Seminar or Coaching Program using the SMQ and the Stress Mastery Program. The Manual explains in detail what the SMQ is, how it was developed and the many ways to use it in coaching, workshops and seminars.

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A 4-hour Webinar/Workshop on “How to Conduct a Stress Mastery Workshop” was recorded with Stressmaster Associates. Three (3) one-hour videos where produced that describe best practices on how to use the SMQ in a Workplace Stress Mastery Workshop. The videos, along with PowerPoints for each segment of a workshop, provides insights, procedures and training tips for how to produce an effective stress mastery workshop.

The videos cover pre-workshop planning, workshop design and implementation, how to help participants learn the keys to understanding and reduce stress and how to build stress mastery and resilience skills for peak performance, better health and quality of life. You will hear from Dr. Petersen, as well as experienced stress mastery professional trainers, on how to conduct an effective Workplace Stress Mastery Workshop using the Stress Mastery Program.

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The a major challenge facing training, coaching and wellness professionals is how to grow their servcice businesses. Many stress management, wellness and health professionals often lack the knowledge and skills to market and sell their services. Dr. Petersen, with over 30 years helping small service companies grow and prosper, has developed an easy to follow marketing plan development workbook and "template" for how to create a Marketing Plan that really works. Using his Marketing Plan Workbook and instructional video will help any professional to grow and prosper.

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Associate &



Stressmaster Associates and Affiliates enjoy access to over 30 evidence-based training, coaching and business development videos, PowerPoints, PDFs, Word Docs and more. Based on 30 years of helping people learn how to recognize, understand and master stress, these additional products are only available to Licensed Stressmaster Associates or Affiliates.

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Our Stress Mastery Motivational Poster Series (8) are designed to encourage employees to respond to work and life's stressors in more productive and beneficial ways and to encourage them to reduce and lower stress for peak performance, better health and productivity. Our stress mastery products are based on positive psychology, meditation and mindfulness and will enable your employees to keep stress at optimum and productive levels.

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Stress Mastery Desk Guides are a terrific resource to help your employees understand their stress and what to do about it whenever needed. Produced in a glossy 8.5” X 11” tri-fold, employees are provided with evidence-based tips, suggestions and techniques for how to understand, reduce and master stress. When an employee is under stress, he or she can take out the Guide to find the best way to deal with their stress right now. The Guide provides evidence-based ways to reduce, manage and master stress, so that they can function at optimal levels and peak performance.

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Stress Mastery Pocket Guides are a portable referenced tool that can be slipped into a wallet or purse and pulled out when needed. The Streess Mastery Pocket Guide provides employees with essential information, strategies and techniques on how to reduce stress on the job or at home. Employees will have a portable guide to master stress at all times

The Pocket Guides can be co-branded with your company name and logo; they are a great reference tool for employees to learn how to apply proven effective stress mastery techniques whenever stress is high and productivity is being affected. The Pocket Guide provides specific strategies, ideas and suggestions on how to reduce stress and become more stress resilient.

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