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STRESSMASTER INTERNATIONAL and our team of over 60 professional Stressmaster Associates and Affiliantes in 16 countries around the world have helped over 600,000 individuals to understand the nature of stress, how to recognize personal signs of stress and how to manage and master stress.

Some of our clients include:


4-H Clubs Of America Abrams & Associates Nationwide Insurance
AOL.COM - Thrive State of Arizona-DES Arizona Land Title Assn't
CitiBanamex (Mexico) Arthur Murray International Bankers Life Of Iowa
Boy Scouts Of America-Nat'l Boys Clubs Of America-National Office Canyon Ranch Resort
Capita Consulting Chandler Unified School District Cigna Health Services
Cigna Financial Services Cox Communications El Dorado Hospital
Estate Financial Services Fidelity National Title Fraternal Order Of Police
Fred S. James Insurance JPMorgan Girls Clubs of America-Nat'l
Gonzales & Vilarreal Governor’s Office-State Of Arizona Holiday Inn Broadway
Jim Click Automotive Group Kino Hospital KLIN poslovno svetovanje
Loew’s Ventana Resort Mashpee Fire and Rescue Dept Maxicare (Health America)
Mohawk Corporation NIOSH Oak Ridge National Labs
Orlando Sentinel Oxygen.Com Palo Verde Hospital
Pima County Polaris - Andrew Weil Foundation Principal Financial Group
Rastin’s Educational Service Salvation Army-Eastern Territory Sandusky Newspapers
Sedgwick-James Insurance Sheraton El Conquistador Resort Speedway, LLC
Stop-At-Nothing, Inc. Stressmaster - UK Systems & Applied Sciences
Tucson General Hospital U Of A - Medical School VA Hospital – Indianapolis
Westin La Paloma Wettstein & Bolchalk Advertising Y.M.C.A. - National Office



Dear Dr. Petersen,

"I would like to personally thank you for creating a great stress assessment tool. As an executive coach, trainer, and team developer, I have searched for a good stress assessment tool for use in our programs. Having scoured the internet for over 10 years, we have found your stress “risk” assessment tool, called the Stress Management Questionnaire (SMQ), to be the best tool for the programs we do with our corporate clients.

We've been using your SMQ diagnostic tool since early 2000 as part of our PEAK PERFORMANCE II program. This program focuses on how to improve personal performance through employee engagement. Decreasing stress in the workplace is essential to improving organizational performance.

Thank you for working with us and our clients, as Stressmaster and your Stress Management Questionnaire will remain as an integral part of our program going forward. I sincerely appreciate the fact that you have worked with us to translate the Stressmaster into Spanish for one of our large financial clients in Mexico. Over the next 5 years, they plan to enroll their high potential group into the Peak Performance program as part of their cultural transformation process. They are trying to reach close to 5000 people in a period of 5 years. This is a pretty aggressive target. We are currently rolling out Peak Performance II to all the graduates of our Peak I program. Currently we are targeting 3000-5000 people for Peak I and then Peak II. Thank you for being such a great partner." - Susan Robertson - Stop-At-Nothing ~ Founder & Managing Partner

Dear Jim,

I just got finished looking over the materials to the SMQ and I have to say that I am quite impressed. There is a place for this on a global level for sure. At the very least for people in the health care world as a staple instrument... I just wanted you to know that you really did a great job with this. The entire package is brilliant. (Later) I took the SMQ. I am sure that you will not be surprised to know that, I was impressed on first sight." - L. F. Licensed Psychologist

Dear Dr. Petersen,

"I just took the assessment and I think it is great! It was simple, didn't take too long, and easy to understand. I really liked the guide as well, especially the "Contract For Change" section, as many of the clients we work with have difficulty with follow through. I will be trying this assessment with a client next week Wednesday and will also be presenting this to the occupational therapists and social workers."-YN (OTS)

Hi Jim,

What has consistently been commented on in regard to the SMQ is the participants seeing how their companions rate them, compared to their own self evaluations. Longer-term married couples tend to mirror each other on the graph, while there are often big disparities between self and companion on those in less structured relationships, or less intimate relationships (i.e. siblings, friends, coworkers). Also, many remarked that they did not know they were as affected by stress until seeing the SMQ. I think stress is a badge of honor among some--if you are not stressed, you are not working hard enough. The SMQ allows them to see the importance of balance between work/home and the need for decompression "me" time. I think the SMQ has been a great educational tool in the fact that participants realize that stress is more of an enemy of productivity (professionally and personally) then they had previously believed.

One of the key areas we focus on in our District Manager training is for the participants to not only address their stress, but also help their direct-reports (Store Managers and CSRs) with stress. As mentioned, this remains a very popular course. Right now we are projecting about 50 participants this year, but there is a possibility we will offer this as part of a stand-alone program (as opposed to a block of instruction in a 5-day course). -
Chris (Large Convience Store Chain)

Dear Dr. Petersen,

"Following is a summary of the participant (60+ Senior Partners at a KPMG) evaluations you received as an instructor for our recent session of Managing Stress, held in Houston. This was one of the most valuable investments we have made available for our employees. Out of a possible score of 5 with 5 being most favorable these results reveal a strong, positive view of the program. - Senior Managing Partner (KPMG)

  Prepared 4.50
Clarity of Information 4.21
Instructor Knowledge 4.71
Interest in Student Success 4.43
Response to questions 4.29
Desire for more 4.21
Overall 4.24

Dr. Petersen,

"I’ve been using the SMQ for over the last 14 months and have given it to about 750 people. It has been extremely useful in our Stress Management Program and I’ve received much positive feedback from the Participants. Some remarks have been: The (SMQ) guide has helped me change my life.’ ‘I get better insight every time I go through the Report and Guide. The SMQ helped me know myself a lot better. I’m a better manager because of that. ”These remarks make me feel good about the effectiveness of the instrument as we apply it in the Stress Management Program.” - Paul D (Ph.D)


Dear Jim,

"I have been reading my "HIGHS" (scores on the SMQ) and I "Thank You" for hitting it on the head. My anger, time urgency, tension highs describe me perfectly. I will be using the info taking it to my group counseling sessions for discussion input." - BF (New Port Richey)


Dr. Petersen,

"The large number of advisors who turned out for the presentations (by you) and the enthusiastic response to the material presented attests to the excellent job you did! (And)...we heard nothing but compliments on the programs being conducted for the advisors." - JTN (Law Enforcement Council)


Dear Jim

On a personal note, I have found the SMQ to be a robust, informative tool, based on sound theory and practice. I am definitely an advocate of the Stressmaster philosophy!" - JL (UK Consultancy)


Hi Jim,

"I took the SMQ, and would be very interested in getting a full report. I love the Guide that comes with completion too! This is all very comprehensive and well done."

Dr. Petersen's work is devoted to helping employees in high-stress organizations do more than "cope" with stress. Instead, they are guided to the awareness and tools that allow them to thrive, achieving mastery over stress.

Inspired by this message and excited to partner with the promise of Dr. Petersen's organization, I became a Stressmaster Associate. Dr. Petersen is a wealth of knowledge on the industry, and his Stress Management Questionnaire (SMQ) is an essential stress risk assessment tool. With it, I am able to better serve my clients, and, thereby, change the world

A.T. Stressmaster Associate


Dear Dr Petersen,

"Its a great privilege for me to write this recommendation. Based on your outstanding innovative Stress Management Questionnaire which has now become a global reference, I am indeed humbled to work with you. I therefore gladly recommend Dr James Petersen to any Organization who seek a world renown Expert on areas of Stress Management."- Sunday Clement/ Stress Master Associate - Nigeria


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