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The Stress Management Questionnaire (SMQ) is one of the few carefully researched and validated stress "risk" assessment (NIOSH, 1982) currently available for use in employee stress management programs as well as in personal stress coaching and counseling.

The SMQ identifies one's stress "risk" and provides immediate feedback on how stressed one is on 11 stress sales. The Online SMQ can be completed in just a few minutes and provides each person with a Stress Risk Profile.

Upon completing the SMQ, the Stressmastery Guide (41 pp) is downloaded and printed for personal use or for use in a stress management program. The Guide provides detailed information about each scale along with evidence-based strategies for reducing and mastering stress.

Take a"test drive" of the SMQ by clicking the button below. After you complete the SMQ, we will email you a copy of the Stressmastery Guide and a Detailed Report on how you scored on each scale..at No Cost.

stress assessment

Are you are looking to expand your stress management practice or training or want to enhance your own stress management programs? Consider joining us by becoming our Stressmaster Associate in your area.

Independent Associates have access to all of our Stressmastery materials, including the SMQ, PowerPoints, videos, motivational posters and more at reduce rates.

Using our stress assessment and training tools and techniques, our international cadre of Stressmaster Associates are helping employees and their companies reduce stress for optimal performance, increased work satisfaction and improved quality of life. We have Associates in the US, Canada, Mexico, Norwary, Slovenia, Germany, South Africa and Chile and we are looking for highly motivated professionals to help us reduces stress worldwide..."one person at a time!"


Stress is a major problem for companies and orgranizations around the world. Workplace stress takes an enormous toll on companies and their employees. Each year billions of dollars is lost due to high levels of absenteeism, low employee morale, reduced production, decreased creativity, and increased health care costs due to stress related disorders

Stressmaster has been been dedicated to helping companies, non-profit organizations and government agencies reduce employee stress, improve job performance and enhance the overall quality of work for over 30 years. Our Stressmastery programs are highly effective at helping employees reduce stress and function more effectively.

Our services include stress "risk" assessments, stress management workshops, motivational stress reductions seminars and coaching to help combat stress in the workplace.


Dear Dr. Petersen,

"I would like to personally thank you for creating a great stress assessment tool. As an executive coach, trainer, and team developer, I have searched for a good stress assessment tool for use in our programs. Having scoured the internet for over 10 years, we have found your stress “risk” assessment tool, called the Stress Management Questionnaire (SMQ), to be the best tool for the programs we do with our corporate clients."

Susan Robertson
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Stop At Nothing, Inc.

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