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The Stress Management Questionnaire (SMQ) is a valid and reliable stress risk assessment tool used in corporate stress management training, organizational stress assessments and personal stress coaching and counseling programs. The SMQ uses 87 scientifically created questions that show one’s stress “risk” on 11 unique scales. The SMQ, along with the Stressmastery Guide, has helped over 600,000 people worldwide to understand better how to master stress and build stress resilience. The SMQ is available in English, Spanish, French, Norwegian and Slovenian.   


Stressmaster Associates are licensed to use Stressmaster assessment and training tools in their own stress management programs; they may also resell them to other companies or individuals for use in internal stress management programs. As we are rapidly expanding in North America and other countries, wellness, coaches, counselors and training professionals may apply to become Associates. Our Associates benefit greatly by expanding their stress management training or coaching programs while adding incremental income through the resale of assessment, programs and materials.  


Stressmaster has been helping to reduce employee stress, improve job performance and enhance the overall quality of work for over 30 years. Our Stressmastery Programs are used in virtually all industries including accounting, banking, mining, convenience stores, insurance companies, auto dealerships, government agencies, including the military, and many others. Each workshop is tailored to the needs of our clients, but all programs start with a detailed stress risk assessment using the Stress Management Questionnaire and the Stressmastery Guide to Resilience.


Dear Dr. Petersen,

"I would like to personally thank you for creating a great stress assessment tool. As an executive coach, trainer, and team developer, I have searched for a good stress assessment tool for use in our programs. Having scoured the internet for over 10 years, we have found your stress “risk” assessment tool, called the Stress Management Questionnaire (SMQ), to be the best tool for the programs we do with our corporate clients."

Susan Robertson
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Stop At Nothing, Inc.

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